Athletic training program

Athletic training program

With all the experience acquired during this Vendée Globe 2020-2021, I am already involved into the IMOCA 2021-2025 championship with greater ambitions.


Every single race is an additional preparation as much as an important step. Between each race, I'm not sleeping! I intensify the physical, nutritional and mental preparation.


Physical training:

Training sailings at least one week per month; four pure preparation sessions per week (crossfit, specific weight training, cardio, cycling, running); at least twice a month, I find the time to go and practice another natural sport if possible in the mountains (climbing, mountaineering, ski or snowboard tours, mountain biking ...) or at sea (foil kite, paddle, swimming, dinghy ...).


Nutrition and medical training:

I am lucky to deal with partners in Monaco who allow me to do a high level preparatory work for the effort and recovery. Working on nutrition, dietetics, cryotherapy, massages, ultrasound with the Thermes Marins de Monaco. Working on the biomechanics of balance with Jean-Jacques Rivet, Biomecaswing Center in Fayence.


Mental training:

I work on mental imagery, relaxation, stress management, energy and fatigue management with Bernard Gasquet, former mental trainer of French athletics teams. I am going this routines twice a month during normal periods and more intensely as the races approach. Twice a year, I have trainings with GIGN fellows for working on self-hypnosis, stressful situations, engagement and risk management.