Become partner 4myplanet

Become partner 4myplanet


4myplanet is a unique adventure that will enable you to experience the world of offshore racing while actively contributing to a citizenship enterprise.

Alexia Barrier, offshore solo sailor and Founder of 4myplanet, proposes a model of crowdfunding financing.

She wishes to regroup all of her partners - would they be companies, communities, universities or individuals -  onto a common platform, enabling everyone to cooperate towards a common challenge. 


Since 2009, 4myplanet has developped around 4 major axes: Sport, Education, Science and Technology, all focusing on acting for the planet. 


Anyone can join the project according to his means and expectations, and all together with Team 4myplanet, we will turn a dream "to participate in the Vendée Globe Challenge" into experience that will be useful and sustainable for everyone, as well as for the planet.