Challenges 4myplanet

Challenges 4myplanet



Take part in the Offshore Racong World Championships. From 2018 to 202: 6 races, 4 Atlantic Crossings including 3 single-handed. Starting this very year with the Route du Rhum, departing from Saint Malo on November 4th, to reach French Guadeloupe sailing solo.



Help science to better understand the marine world, observe and study it.

It also implies collecting data and making them available in an open source worldwide databank, and deploy profilers on the oceans.  

Cooperation  with the MARRES programme of  Côte d’Azur University



A 3-month round-the-globe tour in total autonomy, non-stop and without assistance, enables the development of sustainable, exemplary , and duplicable technology. A specific focus on renewable energies has been set with resource partners.



Sensitize public opinion, territorial communities, the private sector and civil society to the importance of water, seas and oceans preservation. Thousands of students from primary and secondary schools, have been involved in the project.



300 connected partners by 2020

5 races across the Atlantic

1 Round the World Race

10 000 kids 4myplanet

10 000 000 scientific data collected