BIOTRONIK : our new official partner !

BIOTRONIK : our new official partner !

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BIOTRONIK, leading company in the field of mobile healt equipment, pionneer in telecardiology, and major actor in the e-health movement, has recently joined us!


BIOTRONIK innovates and develops its products with only one aim: to improve patients' health and quality of life. Telecardiology (Téléc@rdiologie®) is one example of these innovations. BIOTRONIK Téléc@rdiologie® Home Monitoring® enables to keep track of the heart rhythm of over 35000 patients.  During my next races, I will be equipped and connected so my heart rhythm can be checked.   

Our partnership is also an opportunity for BIOTRONIK FRANCE to share this commitment with their colleagues through a common adventure. The values of technology, innovation, solidarity, integrity, etc. spread through sailing are strong values, in which BIOTRONIK collaborators believe.


Meeting the team and myself, discovering my boat, living the start of a race or participating in a challenge are events which build cohesion in a team.

My commitment towards ocean preservation set by my association (4myplanet) also raised interest and BIOTRONIK FRANCE is proud to support me in these ecological and educational projects.  

Luc Cheminot, CEO of BIOTRONIK FRANCE : «Any great dream begins with a person able to imagine it and then make it real. When I met Alexia I felt her passion for the great blue sea, associated with a strong need to share her dream, to support actions that our planets and its inhabitant desperately need. A large heart, lots of energy, a common motivation, a limitless passion for our field, saving millions of sick people... This is a simple way to sum up the mindset of our teams and our European culture. We are also dreamers in a way... We were meant to get along... "