Lancement du kit pédagogique 4myplanet kids

Lancement du kit pédagogique 4myplanet kids

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Alexia Barrier initiated the 4myplanet project in 2009 with the objective of participating in the Vendée Globe 2020, through 4 main themes: sports, technology, science and education. For this latter, she created the programme "4myplanet kids" in order to sensibilize pupils from primary and scondary schools on the preservation of the planet. 


4myplanet kids, a pedagogical kit for children aged 7 to 14 

This programme includes a pedagogical webmagazine: WEBMAG RDR 2018 / Destination Guadeloupe. Alexia's aim is to share information about oceans fauna, how to drink when at sea, what an IMOCA is, oceans pollution, etc. The last page is a cartoon about life-saving techniques. This kit has been translated in 3 languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.  To this day, more than 50 classes all over France are following Alexia's project.


Digital drawing competition "draw your ocean"   was also launched. It started for the Route du Rhum race and will be over at the Vendée Globe 2020 finish line (January/February 2021). The drawings will be used for 4myplanets exhibits in different places in France and abroad. The first exhibit will take place after the Route du Rhum, in December, in Antibes' Marineland. They will also be online on the website. 


Alexia launched the webmag RDR 2018 and the drawing competition, live from her boat registered for the Route du Rhum on November 4th.

On Monday November 12th, Alexia set up a visioconference for 500 children from Antibes, Biot, Isola and Nice, welcomed in Marineland , Antibes, to discover the biodiversity of marine megafauna in order to raise their awareness on ocean preservation.  Though zoologically very different, these animals - mammals, birds, turtles, sharks and rays - share many common points at the biological and ecological levels, making them major indicators of the state of oceans and marine biodiversity. A great day in terms of learnings, discoveries and sharing organised with Marineland!


Tools to follow and participate in 4myplanet kids

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