Webmag RDR 2018 / destination guadeloupe

Webmag RDR 2018 / destination guadeloupe

That's it! This year is the big adventure.


The realization of my dream of a little girl. What luck! In reality, it's not luck but a lot of hard work to get to the starting line of this legendary race. The Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe 2018.


I would like you all to embark with me in this crazy sea adventure.


But as the rules of a solo race forbid it (a little), I created especially for you this webmag.


To make you mouth water (salty one), to make you want to follow me, to share my enthusiasm.


Some will explore it with their teacher, others with their parents or, just at home alone if you feel like it...

I wanted to tell you a little about my job as a skipper and what happens on board.


Also, what I see around me. And make you want, one day, to realize your own dreams.

Before boarding, one last very important thing, but you already know it I'm sure.

The oceans are fragile, even if they are the source of life for all the inhabitants of the Blue Planet. In these few pages,

I explain why you must love and preserve them. You too, at your level and like me, can help protect your favorite play-ground whether at sea or on land.


Oh yes, I was going to forget! On the last page of this magazine, you will meet Defibrilathor.


Say “Hello!” to it from me.

Happy reading to you, the youth of today and my future heroes!